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This site uses cookies, text files that are stored on the users’ device, or which allow for the accessing of information stored on the users’ device. Cookies allow for information on users’ preferences to be stored, and are used to ensure the correct functioning of the site and improve its functionality by personalising content on the basis of the browser used, or to simplify site navigation by rendering certain procedures automatic (such as Login, site default language) and finally to analyse how the site is used by visitors.
This site uses the following types of cookies:
- technical cookies, used solely to ensure the transmission of electronic data, ensure that the site is visualised correctly, and permit navigation within it. They also allow for different types of users to be identified, in order to provide the correct services requested by them (such as Login) and to ensure the security of the site. Some such cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed (known as session cookies), whereas others last longer (such as cookies needed to register users’ Cookie Consent, which last one year). Permission is not required for such cookies;
- analytical cookies, used by the site owner to gather aggregated data on the numbers of visitors to the site, and how they use it. They are replaced by technical cookies if the web service is anonymised.
- marketing and profiling cookies, used exclusively by third-parties external to the owner of this site to gather information on users’ behaviour while navigating this site, and on their interests and habits, which also serves to help create personalised targeted publicity.
By clicking OK on the banner that appears when users first reach this site, or by scrolling the page, users confirm that they explicitly accept the use of cookies and similar systems on this site, and in particular the storage of such cookies on their device for the motives listed above, or to the accessing of information stored on their device via such cookies.


L'Users can refuse to accept cookies, or withdraw at any time consent previously given. Since cookies are related to the specific browser used, THEIR USE CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY VIA THE BROWSER SETTINGS, so refusing or withdrawing consent to the use of cookies, or via the banner at the bottom of this page.
DISABLING COOKIES CAN IMPEDE THE CORRECT FUNCTIONING OF SUCH FUNCTIONS ON THIS SITE, specifically services supplied by third-parties might become inaccessible, and therefore non-visualisable, such as:
- videos on YouTube or other sharing websites;
- social buttons for social networks;
- Google Maps.

Further information on how to disable cookies can be found on the following web pages:
Mozilla Firefox - Microsoft Internet Explorer - Microsoft Edge - Google Chrome - Opera - Apple Safari


This site also serves as an intermediary for third-parties (such as the buttons for social networks), required to provide such services and ensure the functionality of the site, and to simplify its use, or to provide tailored advertising. This site has no control over the cookies generated internally by such third-parties, and does not have access to any data gathered by such cookies. Such companies supply information on their use of cookies and the reasons why they gather data, as well as how to disable these cookies, on their websites listed below.
Please note that generally user tracing does not lead to their identification, unless the user has specifically registed with such a service and is logged-in, in which case the user is considered to have given their consent directly to the third-party in question when they signed up for its services (such as Facebook).
This site uses the following third-party cookies.
- Google Inc.
To learn more about how Google gathers and uses personal data, please see their Google’s Privacy Policy and Information on the use of partner apps or sites.
- Google Analytics: used to analyse the site of this site by users, compile reports on activity on this site and users behaviour, identify how often users visit the site, how the site is found (in search engines for instance) and which pages are most often visited. This data is then added to information gathered by other sites to create a complete picture of the use of this site compared to other similar websites.
Data gathered: browser used, date and time of visit to the site, referral page, IP address.
Where data is held: European Union, via anonymisation.
Such data does not allow for individual users to be identified, and is not cross-analysed with other information on specific users. It is analysed in an anonymised and aggregated form. Google Inc is specifically prohibited from cross-referencing this data with data gathered from other analytical services.
You can find more information on the use of cookies by Google Analytics at Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.

Users can opt-out of the use of Google Analytics cookies by installing the relevant add-on to their browser.

- Youtube: video sharing platform owned by Google. Cookie are set at the moment of accessing a page with a video embedded and when the video starts, and do not allow for the identification of individual users unless visitors to the site have already logged-in to their Google profile.
The "advanced privacy (no cookie) (no cookie)" option has been automatically set for videos on this site, so that YouTube does not store information on users unless they decide to share the video.
Information gathered: number of visitors to the page and user behaviour on it, IP address, information that connects site visits to Google accounts for logged-in users, preferences on video visualisation.
Where data is held: USA.


This site includes social network buttons to allow for easy sharing on content on your preferred social network platform. When you visit a page on our site that includes a plugin, your browser connects directly to the social network server when the plugin is located, which can then trace your visit to our site, and connect it to your social network account if you are connected at the moment of visiting it or have recently navigated on a page containing a social network plugin. If you do not want such networks to register information about your visit to our website, please log-out of your social network account, and delete the cookies installed on your browser by it.
This site also has plugins that serve to protect users privacy, that do not send cookies or access cookies on users’ devices when they visit it but only after clicking on the plugin.
The gathering and use of data by such third-parties are regulated by their respective Privacy Policies, which you can see at the following links.
- Facebook Cookie Policy
- LinkedIn Cookie Policy
- Instagram Cookie Policy
- Twitter Cookie Policy
- Google+ Cookie Policy


We treat all user data in a correct and legal manner, using security measures to prevent unauthorised access, and unauthorised spreading, modification or destruction of user data. We use security protocols when managing your personal data, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which encrypts information in transit. This is achieved via ICT tools, and organisational and logistical structures created to ensure the security of personal data. Aside from the Data Holder, it is possible that other organisations involved in the organisation of this site (such as third-party technical support, or hosting providers) can access personal data.


As per European Union regulation 679/2016 (also known as the GDPR) and Article 7 of the Italian State Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196, users can exercise the following rights, using the indicated procedures and within the limits laid down by those regulations:
- the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of otherwise of personal data relating to them, even if not recorded, and their communication in legible form;
- the right to obtain information on the sources of their personal data;
- the right to receive such communication in legible form;
- the right to know the purposes of and methods used for such data management, and the logic applied in cases of electronic data management;
- the right to request updating, correction and/or supplementing of such data, its deletion, anonymisation or blocking of personal data held in violation of relevant law, including data whose preservation is not necessary in relation to the motives for which they were originally gathered or managed;
- where consent has been given, the right to to receive a copy of personal data supplied to the Data Holder in legible and structured form commonly used by electronic devices, for a small fee;
- the right to to present a complaint to the relevant authorities (see the Italian privacy and personal data guarantor);
- the right to exercise all other rights that are recognised by relevant legislation.
All such requests should be directed to the Data Holder.


The administator of this site, C.A.P. srl, is responsible for personal data handling, and can be contacted via the CONTACT page on this site. Our Web host (C.A.P. s.r.l - Via Thomas Alva Edison 6 - 42049 Calerno di Sant’Ilario d’Enza - Reggio Emilia, Italy), manages such personal data on our behalf. C.A.P. srl is located within the European Economic Area and operates in compliance with all relevant European legislation (see our Privacy page).
Google is the nominated Data Holder for personal data obtained via Google Analytics, operating on our behalf.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on 6 June 2018.