www.caphydraulic.com, which was presented during the show. 

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Automechanika 2018

The 25th edition of Automechanika 2018, the most important garage equipment exhibition held in Frankfurt, saw C.A.P. company among the exhibitors list for the first time.  The biennial event represents the main international appointment in which all leaders belonging to the main automotive sectors can meet and discuss about the future of the industry.

The heart of the event is represented by the Hall 8, the hall historically reserved to the workshop equipment as well as to the vehicle repair machinery. 
Exactly in this atmosphere and surrounded by an extraordinary fascinating stand the whole CAP team presented its product innovations in world premiere.

We started with the complete hydraulic impact wrenches restyling, with the 7 impact wrenches completely redesigned in accordance with an highest technological level.

Than we continued with the multi-functional series of the "Multienergy" range presented together with the new "plug & play” group composed by the ARCO10S unit with the KT30 portable tire changer.

Finally, an high relevance was dedicated to the historical range of pneumatic impact wrenches, of which CAP is a brilliant manufacturer since 1974.

A truly unforgettable edition that places C.A.P. as an undisputed protagonist of the international market.

The long list of new features is also enriched by the new website www.caphydraulic.com, which was presented during the show.