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Founded in 1974, the company immediately turned its attention to markets dealing with the maintenance of industrial vehicles for which it manufactures air impact wrenches.

In the ten years that followed, C.A.P. committed itself to meeting the growing demand of the Italian industrial market. The experience and insight in its choices led the company to design a range of highly reliable hydraulic impact wrenches which, once again, are used in the automotive and industrial sectors meeting with great success confirming C.A.P. to be a leading company in the hydraulic bolting sector.

In around the year 2000 our product range was added to with an innovative solution for the unique roadside assistance sector: Multienergy machines.

Independent, practical and versatile units, driven by a combustion engine, able to supply both compressed air and electricity at the same time.

Thanks to our vision we arrived eager to work in the international markets and today we export all our incomparable values ​​of quality, efficiency and reliability.